Québec – Day 1 – Post 12 of 12

August 16, 2019

Here are some of the things I saw as I was walking back to my Airbnb after having spent the majority of the day walking around “Old City”.

These guys were enjoying a game of outdoor ping pong on what was a gorgeous afternoon.  The table is made of concrete and the “net” appears to be made of metal.  Lucky for them it wasn’t a very, very windy day.




I don’t really know what the sign below is all about.  Perhaps after everyone in your group splits up to do different things around town you would all plan to meet under the green sign on the parking deck at 5pm.  I would think it would be easier to pick a more substantial landmark like the entrance to Château Frontenac.


Looks like I stumbled on where some of Parks Canada’s elves work their magic:


A sign below a traffic light.  Hmmmm… do I feel like going left or right?


I saw this heron down below while walking over the St. Charles River bridge:



It flew a tad closer to the bridge I was standing on and the sun had come out from behind a cloud:


And this was after he flew under the bridge to the north side:


And this had been bothering me all day.  It was facing the river and bridge at some kind of kid’s recreation facility and kept rotating slowly full circle.  I couldn’t bring myself to get a shot of it looking right at me.  I was afraid I might not sleep as it was…




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