You Have Arrived!….

… as my GPS likes to say.

I arrived in Lander, WY at 401pm local (Mountain) time on Thursday. 2,082 miles from Durham, which includes minor side trips like shopping, a longer than expected drive away from the highway for cheap gas near St. Louis, and a 16-mile “oops” when I missed my exit getting to Evansville and had to drive 8 miles to the next exit and make a U-turn (which my GPS loves to yell at me about). One of my Evansville Airbnb host family’s kids, 8-year old Sebastian, was amused when I told him that I had missed all my conversations with my GPS when I didn’t go anywhere during the pandemic. “You talk to your GPS?” he asked, quizzically. “Oh yes, sometimes we even have heated arguments,” I said, though with his young, impressionable mind I spared him the details of the words we (well, I) sometimes use.

After arrival I unpacked a few things from my car for my first night staying in my brother’s little rental house, and drove back into town to have dinner and a beer with my nephew Sam, who also lives in Lander and works for the same company as my brother.

And for trivial comparison purposes, that 2,082 mileage figure is just under the 2,172 miles I put on my car in all of 2020 due to the “stay at home” order (excluding a trip to Pennsylvania when my older brother was in the hospital).

I will add a post with photos later today, hopefully. When I looked in my “technology” satchel (various cables, chargers, and emergency power-packs for boosting my phone’s battery when it gets low) to get my FitBit cable out I discovered I actually bought an Apple-to-USB cable when I made my Amazon “new iPhone shopping spree” (Otterbox cover, screen protector, high-speed charging brick [gee, thanks Apple for including that with the damn phone. You provide a cable but nothing to plug it in with!], car charging plug, etc) so now all I need to do is figure out how to offload pictures from my phone to my laptop via iTunes (which I downloaded yesterday).

It is supposed to be rainy here the next few days so I will probably just rest up, get acclimated to the altitude (5,358 feet), unpack the car – which alone could take days!, and get back to a normal sleep routine before making trips out-and- about to explore the area. Based on my brother and sister-in-law’s Facebook posts there are lots of beautiful things just a short drive from here.

Let the 2021 adventure begin!

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  1. Glad you made it safe and sound! You will be an Apple expert before you know it! – kim


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