You always remember your first time…

OK, get your minds out of the gutter people! This is a family-friendly blog (well, mostly). Just because one of my first blog posts included a photo which was taken in a men’s room in Hermann, Missouri (which I drove past getting here yesterday), I’d like to think we have all matured a bit since then.

Of course I am talking about my first time staying at an Airbnb.

Tuesday night I stayed in Evansville, Indiana as the first stop on my three-day journey to Wyoming. I stayed with a charming family with three young kids (and a fourth on the way). There was an old bus in their back yard and that brought back memories of my first Airbnb stay in Shephardstown, West Virginia way back on June 15, 2015:

(Photo credit for all pictures in this post:

That’s right. I spent the night in a schoolbus! According to an article which had been published in a local newspaper, my host bought this bus at an IRS tax sale. He took most of the seats out, leaving a few in the front for guests to put their belongings on. He also reversed the bench seat immediately behind the driver’s seat, took out the next one altogether, and added diner-style table for guests to eat their meals at – up to four people facing each other. Add a bed, woodstove, couch and rocking chair (dog sold separately) and voila – a cozy and unique place to spend the night!

The bus was modified by my host Will (last name omitted for his privacy), a VERY enterprising young man, and was located next to his house out in the country. The bus had electricity but no running water. While he does provide a “device” outside for necessary bodily functions, guests are welcome to walk the short distance to his house and use his bathroom, shower and kitchen.

When I arrived Will gave me the tour of the bus and shared space in his home, then pointed out into his back yard. He said “Yeah, and I’m fixin’ to build a treehouse back there to rent out on Airbnb, too”. Lo and behold:

It certainly made for a favorable first impression of how much fun using Airbnb would be and how many nice people I’d meet.

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  1. The treehouse is really cool! You should look up Skoolies on YouTube and see how many buses have been converted to tiny houses! – Kim


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