My bizarre negative-technology aura

I bought a new iPhone 11 a little over a month ago (coming from an Android phone) and have been plagued with numerous issues. A long story, but I am also having phone/bluetooth issues with my car, although my Android phone and my car got along just fine.

I was afraid my aura was getting stronger when I was in Evansville looking for my elusive cream soda (post coming soon). I’ve already related my police car near miss experience in Evansville and just after that occurrence I approached another intersection where the traffic lights seemed to be functioning normally. As I was getting close that light turned red so, safety minded driver that I am, I stopped. Well, the light went dark, showed red again briefly and then went dark for good. We all just sat there until we determined that we should treat it as a four-way stop sign and take turns going through the intersection. Lights at intersections in front of and behind me appeared to be normal so I don’t think it was a power failure.

Well, when I got to the next light, damned if it didn’t do exactly the same thing. I could see numerous lights in the distance (this was a busy street with many stores and fast food restaurants on it). Full stop at the steady red, light goes dark, flashed red for just a brief instant and went dark for good!

Now – full disclosure – earlier in the evening I shopped at a Gabe’s discount store (nee Rugged Wearhouse) and, while there, held a container of these on my hand:

“These” are CBD Gummies. Gabe’s is my favorite discount store (Obsession post coming soon!) and these babies were list price $26 but for sale at Gabe’s for just $ 16.99. I passed. Honest (Officer). Didn’t even try a free sample (which wasn’t even offered, of course).

CBD, for those of you who don’t know, is Cannabidiol (I had to look it up). A major component of it is cannabis (marijuana), an essential ingredient in medical marijuana (Officer). CBD is derived directly from the hemp plant and, in and of itself, does not create a “high”.

So I can’t explain the behavior of the two traffic lights in Evansville, but it had me wondering if I should stop by a mental facility for a quick checkup (though I was afraid I might be a “keeper”).

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