Lander humor, perhaps

Or is it????

I actually took these first two photos yesterday after I took the northern approach to and from town (see earlier post). When I came back home I overshot the turn off to check out the shorter southern approach for photo ops. I decided to wait and post these two with the other southern route photos, which I took this afternoon.

First, I must apologize to the person or persons who live in the little cabin in the first photo because I thought they were responsible for what you will see in the second photo. When I took the photo of the cabin I assumed the access road I was parked near lead off to the left and then curved back along the base of the hill to the cabin. Today, when I came home using the southern route I saw that I was mistaken. The access road to my left actually leads to the hill behind the cabin but then goes up and over it to an unseen location. So here is the cabin photo:

And here is the sign posted at the access road:

Now maybe the sign owner is dead serious and I don’t plan to push the envelope and find out. What’s that saying – leave no trace behind?

NEW photos added beyond this point (except for the pronghorn at the end).

On a lighter note, here are some other photos from the southern approach to town. This is a three shot panorama, left to right:

Here is the road I got to that spot on (coming towards the viewer)

Here are some rock formations a little further up the road, which you may have spotted in picture 1 of 3, above.

Here is the picture above a little more head-on

And here is the same angle but slight askew to show a good sized house on the left, to give you some perspective of size.

Here is a shot of the road ahead.

Here is a pronghorn I saw running through a field on the other side of the road – my first pronghorn sighting this year. I took these two photos with the digital camera.

And now that I have fresh batteries in the digital camera I will carry it with me everywhere. Tomorrow morning I will use it to get some shots of some other critters I have seen here at the house.

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