Snow in them thar hills

I am living for the next month in Lander, Wyoming. Elevation in town is officially listed as 5,357 feet. To the south southwest of where I am sitting as I write this there is a row of smaller mountains which range in elevation from 7,000 to 9,000 feet. Behind that (further southwest from my vantage point) is the Wind River Mountain range. Those mountains range from 12,103 feet at the southern end (locally), then 12,631, 13,192 and finally 13,804 at the northern end, the highest point in Wyoming. Those mountains all have snow on them and in the week I have been here when it has rained here in Lander there has been radar-indicated snow up in the Wind River range (and I suspect the snow pack up there was, in fact, added to).

As I was leaving town to drive to Riverton (northeast of Lander) on Tuesday I noticed that I could see the snow covered mountains much better from a distance and stopped to take these photos (left to right is south to north):

The darker mountains in the foreground are in the 7,000 to 9,000 foot range and the snow covered mountains are 12,000 to 13,804 feet in elevation. Lander, and where I am staying, is at the base of the darker mountains.

And to illustrate how flat it is once one gets away from those mountains, as I drove northwest to Riverton (which is actually just below 5,000 feet, at 4,956) here was the view as I turned right at 45 degree angles from where I took the photos above.

Looking northwest:

Looking northeast, the direction I was traveling (my car is facing me because I had turned around on the highway before pulling over to take these photos. The hill in the distance is my direction of travel to Riverton):

And finally, looking southeast:

And to add some interesting off-topic photos to the mix, here is a baby bunny which was out on the front porch as I was writing this post:

And a family of mule deer I took photos of yesterday morning, and who are daily visitors at various times of the day:

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