Horseshoe Bend, Idaho

As opposed to Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona, which I will visit for the second time later in this year’s trip, this is a small town in southwest Idaho, about 30 miles north of Boise. As I was planning my trip this was a logical place to spend the night after a day of traveling on scenic backroads. More on that later.

I approached from the northeast, passing through parts of Boise National Forest. I had been at higher elevations earlier in the day and enjoyed very pleasant temperatures but as I got back down to Horseshoe Bend’s elevation of “only” 2,631 feet things heated up quite a bit – close to 100 degrees in the late afternoon. But the drive getting there was quite nice:

Parts of the forest had experienced wildfires in 1989 and 2016 and there were some areas near the road which were prone to mudslides as a result of the “burn scars”:

Once I got out to Route 55 it was a short drive south to Horseshoe Bend itself.

When I got in to town I saw this parked in front of a local establishment. My youngest brother used to hoist my niece up on his shoulders when she was little and said she was “riding high”. I thought of that when I took this photo:

I finally reached my Airbnb – at a campground which specializes in having various campers and tiny-houses already set up on-site to accommodate guests. This would be my home-away-from-home for the evening:

There were some interesting items strewn about my “front yard”

And keeping with the horse theme, there were some live ones right next to my camper which are used for giving child-guests rides:

It was a fun, albeit hot, evening. My host recommended a great restaurant in town and after dinner I settled in for the evening, after talking with some of the other guests.

And the next morning I had the unique experience of a c-o-l-d outdoor shower! Silly me thought that the bladder of water suspended over my head would at least be somewhat warm after absorbing some of the previous day’s heat but I was sadly mistaken:

I will say that I was wide awake and alert when I hit the road.

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