No pictures tonight. Sorry, folks.

My Airbnb host in Orem, Utah wasn’t home and never sent me information with the code to get in to the house. Airbnb was useless in trying to resolve the situation and find me a replacement property. It took me two tries but I finally checked in at a Holiday Inn Express. They have WiFi but I don’t trust how secure it is and won’t connect my computer to it. I am making this entry from my phone.

Not sure yet where I will stay Wednesday night. I may go somewhere today which has a secure wifi connection and book another Airbnb near here. Tomorrow (Thursday) I go back to southern Utah and things should return to normal.

Wildfire smoke has returned (well, I am far enough north to be back in it) so where I will be going today (NE Utah, SW Oregon and Western Wyoming) will likely have poor visibility. I will be making a big loop on scenic roads around Bear Lake. I also need to have my oil changed again and probably buy new tires for the car, or at least have them rotated one last time.

I will be back in southern Utah Thursday afternoon in time to go through Zion National Park, which I was in briefly a few years ago (another amusing JohnBoy story).