The dog ate my homework

Ok folks, here is the lamest excuse yet.  I left my computer in the car when I arrived in Flagstaff, Arizona last night.  At least I hope it’s in the car or else I’m in even bigger trouble.

I woke up at 2am local time (now Mountain Standard Time) which is 3 hours later than my normal midnight bathroom break time.  That is my body telling me I need sleep.

Add to that the fact that I gained an hour yesterday crossing in to Arizona (which doesn’t play along with Daylight Savings Time) and I neglected to consider that back-timing a 730 arrival time meant I actually arrived at 830 Utah Time, which meant it was dark.

Lastly, when waking up briefly earlier in the evening (there are train tracks nearby, with lots of traffic and horns) I heard what sounded like a pack of coyotes or wolves (or perhaps feral Schnauzers) fighting right outside my window, which means that I am absolutely NOT marching out to my car unescorted without a firearm and without my Safety Sam vest (also in the car) at 2am local time.

I am going back to bed.

When it gets light enough to see predators I will go get my computer out of the car and will post one picture that I took yesterday at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with the American flag at half staff in honor of the 9/11 victims.