Let’s play a little game….

We’ll get to the game (actually more of a contest) in a minute.  First let me post some miscellaneous photos from the past two days.


The young man (he says he’s still a boy) in the middle is Aidan.  He lives in a state west of Utah and was at Arches National Park with his parents.  Every time his mother took his picture he’d say “Let me see, let me see”.  I offered to take a picture of all of them together (using their camera, of course) at two different spots, and when I finished the second one I asked if I could also take one with my camera so I could remember the moment.  Of course Aidan wanted to see it too….



Today while I was out of the car taking pictures I saw this in the pullout in which I was parked.  Someone will be rifling through their car later today looking for it, I’m sure.



This dog scared me half to death when he emerged out of some low brush along the small back road I was driving on.  At first I thought it was a coyote or a wolf.  There weren’t any houses around that I could see, and he seemed to be wandering aimlessly, tongue hanging out and somewhat frantic.  I rifled through my car trying to find something I could put water in for him.   I’m not frickin’ MacGyver so the best I could do was an empty Belvita Breakfast Biscuit box (say that 3 times fast).

BBB’s are my go-to snack when I get the munchies, after I’ve eaten the fruit or veggies I get at the store or Walmart most mornings.  Toasted Coconut flavor is the BEST.  But I digress….



He took a quick drink but seemed more interested in surveying the terrain.  As I drove away I saw him in the mirror, drinking the rest of the water.  Guess I need to start saving those empty Cool Whip containers…..


I saw this guy while I was out of the car taking pictures near Boulder, Utah.  He lives in New York State, just across the Hudson River from where my brother Stephen and his family live in Poughkeepsie.  He said he was here fulfilling a childhood dream.



And now for the game.  As I was out of the car and walking through some brush next to the road to get the perfect angle for a picture it occurred to me that it is only a matter of time before I get bit by something.  I try to be very careful but I’m actually quite surprised it hasn’t happened already.

I want to get my audience involved so you can play along at home.  Everyone has 14 days from when I publish this post to add a comment (click to the left side, under the post title).  Guess the specific date (not “today,” Shawn….) that JohnBoy will get bitten by something bigger than a quarter (mosquitoes, ticks, tsetse flies, etc. don’t count).  I’ll pay $20 to whoever guesses closest to the date it ultimately happens (unless I need the money for medical bills).  And here’s a double or nothing option:  State whether or not the critter doing the biting will be bigger than a breadbox.  Snakes will be considered smaller, regardless of size (unless it is an Anaconda.  I don’t think they have them here in the west but hey, I’ve already seen a camel this trip so never say never).

So post a specific date to play along.  Add Bigger or Smaller if you want to try and double the payoff (or lose it all if you’re wrong).

And we have our first entry, so I need to add two rules. In the event of multiple correct guesses the first commenter wins. And the contest ends after my last official “tourist” stop, probably near Denver. Once I start heading east to visit family and friends those days don’t count.

One more rule.  The commenter (or pets or people acting at their direction) don’t count.  Gotta cover all my bases…

No purchase necessary.  One entry per person.  Void where prohibited.  Odds of winning depend on the number of entries.  Good luck.


Scenic Overlook off of Interstate 70

Yesterday I posted photos from the top of a huge rock formation overlooking the valley below.  This rock formation was at a Scenic View pullout off of Interstate 70, just east of Richfield, Utah.  I stopped there on my way to Arches National Park.

These photos are of what I saw as I was exiting the highway to get to the scenic overlook.  I was struck by the quantity, variety and shapes of all these rock formations.  Keep in mind, this isn’t a man-made art exhibit.  This is Nature’s art.

While some were quite large, none of them were taller than me.  Some may appear to be tall because I got down near the ground to take the picture from a low angle.










There were several more Scenic View stops along I-70, but I was anxious to get to Arches so this is the only one I spent much time at.  I will be traveling this way again on Sunday on my way to my next stop in Grand Junction, Colorado and I’ll have more time to check them out then.  I’ll also be going back in to Arches briefly on Sunday to check out one portion of the road which was closed the first day I was there.

Arches National Park (1 of 3)

Here’s how I’m going to do this.  Today I’ll post pictures I took with my smartphone camera, pretty much in the order I took them, as I drove through the Park.  These are all full frame (little or no zoom) and give the best impression of what you’d see yourself.  I have lots of photos I took with the digital camera but I’ll post them another day.  They will show some of these formations, either in more detail or from different angles, as well as formations which may have been further off the road.

This is group 1 of 3.

The first photo was taken looking down at Route 191, which is the road I took off the interstate to get to the Park entrance.  The town of Moab is located about 5 miles further down Route 191.

As soon as you get in to the Park you start climbing.  The Park is located to the left of this view.










Arches National Park (3 of 3)

And here’s the last group for today.  These were all taken 2 days ago with my smartphone camera as I drove through the Park.






Note the people walking in the foreground of the photo below.  These formations are huge.




Now I know what you’re probably thinking…. “JohnBoy, we haven’t seen any arches”.  I had to use the zoom lens to photograph the various arches I could see from the road.  I will post them at a future date when I post the other photos I took with the digital camera.