Before I die I want to…

While I was in Buena Vista this morning I noticed something in the courtyard of an ice cream shop which I have seen a few times at various places around the country.  A wall full of head-to-toe blackboards with the phrase in the post title pre-written, followed by a blank space.  People use chalk to “fill in the blank”.  I took pictures of all the spaces (as I did in previous spots, I’ll post them eventually as I find them after I get home) but I got some closeups of some of the answers which I thought were particularly poignant.

Some were obviously written by children, or on their behalf.  Miles, age 6, wants to “be a superhero,” for example.  I did not write anything myself – at any of the venues I’ve found in my travels – who am I to judge which one to erase?.  I noticed that someone wrote “see the world” and I guess that’s exactly what I’m doing…..






What would your answer be?

And think about this sign the next time you eat a chicken nugget….  Careful what you wish for.

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