Independence Pass – Panorama

As I neared the top of Independence Pass I stopped after making a hard left turn at one of the final switchbacks.  The first photo is from the driver’s seat, looking back towards the switchback itself.  I was parked safely off the road at 11,977 feet (allegedly).


The next picture was taken after I got out of the car and walked back towards the area beyond the curve which, as you will note, has NO GUARDRAIL (a scarily common practice out west).


No need for one.  Just pay attention to the goofy yellow arrows as you drive down off the mountain, trying not to pay attention to the spectacular views, and you’ll be just fine…

Next, I decided to take one of my famous panorama series of pictures.  Normally I would do them all from one spot but here I did move a little bit between some shots to keep those pesky yellow signs out of the pictures (and to dodge cars which were careening off the edge).  The sequence is basically panning left to right, 180 degrees from where it starts.









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