When I discovered on Wednesday that I wouldn’t be able to go through Rocky Mountain National Park as planned I had to find another way to get to Breckenridge.  I decided to go down the “Million Dollar Highway” towards Central City, a scenic route which I had driven earlier in this trip.  This gave me the opportunity to revisit two places which I’ve made blogs posts about previously.

First, I drove past the site where AAA Motor Club had to perform my “extraction”.  For those of you new to the blog, you can find that post by going to August 20 using the calendar on the Home page, or search for “Delay of game”.  There you’ll find the amusing JohnBoy story of how I got my car stuck on a roadside pullout.

As I passed the site on Wednesday I discovered that the highway department had put down some old road material to help ease the severe dropoff which contributed to my getting stuck.  Not an ideal fix (hey, budgets are tight) but at least they made an effort and it should help others from finding themselves in the same predicament I did.


And further down the road I passed St. Malo Catholic Church (blog post same date as mentioned above), which now had a mountain topped with snow as a backdrop.


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