Breckenridge, Colorado

I left Durham on Wednesday, May 9 and drove three days to get to Breckenridge, Colorado Friday night (stopping in Nashville TN and Topeka KS along the way).  My brother David and his wife let me use a week of timeshare and I stayed at Grand Timber Lodge, near the base of Peak 8.  It was a fantastic week, with highs in the low 60’s and lows in the low 40’s or upper 30’s.  I just relaxed and enjoyed the area. The rain and sleet occurred east of Breck, near Denver, so it was a perfect week.  It was what they call “mud season”, the period between winter ski season and summer hiking season, so many of the restaurants and shops were closed, but there are so many that there were still plenty of choices (and not too crowded).  The resort itself was very nice and I just spent a good bit of time on the property.


This is from a scenic overlook west of town, looking southeast.


This is from town looking southwest towards the slopes.


This is from across town (going up Boreas Pass) looking west.


Monday night I was walking from Building 7, where I was staying, towards Building 5 where the Spa and pool are located, when this little guy came trotting along.  That night I just froze in place and let him meander by (he wasn’t in any big hurry, and completely ignored me).  I didn’t even think of getting my camera out until he was gone but lo and behold, here he was again about the same time Wednesday night.  Evidently he is a regular and I suspect someone on the property might be feeding him.



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