Parachute, Colorado

Once I reached the dreaded interstate at Glenwood Springs I headed west towards Grand Junction, where I will be staying the next four nights. About halfway there I came to the little town of Parachute (great name, eh?). This set of solar panels was outside the Visitor Center (which was curiously closed at 411 PM on the Friday going into Memorial Day weekend. Guess they weren’t expecting any visitors!). This is the most unique design for panels I have ever seen. Next week you will be seeing another interesting solar panel…


The photo below was taken from the interstate (while stopped, even though that isn’t legal – Shawn). I am staying very close to the Utah state line and this is to demonstrate that I am now making the transition from the mountains of Colorado to the deserts of the western states. The forecast for at least the next 8 days is hot and dry. Time to haul out the short pants, sunscreen, lip balm and aloe vera! Tip – Keep a bottle of aloe vera in your cooler when you travel and in your refrigerator at home. While it does NOT provide protection from the sun, it gives great relief for sun and wind-dried skin, and provides relief from sunburn. I learned that in Durango last year and my Airbnb hostess there came to the rescue and taught me a valuable lesson.

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