Dead Horse Point

This is surprise destination number 2.  My Airbnb hostess in Grand Junction told me about this place, and the story behind it.  It is located near Moab, Utah – about a two hour drive from Grand Junction.

While the pictures are beautiful this is where very sad events allegedly took place.

Dead Horse Point is an elevated spike of land which protrudes 2,000 feet above the Colorado River.  The photo below, taken several miles away, shows the Point in the distance at the extreme left of the photo (look for the dark colored 90-degree angle where it drops off).


Legend has it that in the late 1800’s cowboys would chase wild mustangs out through a narrow neck, not much wider than the current paved road, to a pasture and would fence them in.  The horses were then left there – why I don’t know.  In time, the horses became thirsty and, seeing the river below, would try to get to it and plummeted to their deaths.

Put that story aside and enjoy the rest of this post!  The views from 2,000 feet up really are spectacular.








The photos below were taken on different days, but include the final two pictures taken with my Canon digital camera and its built-in zoom lens.

This is looking down at the river on Tuesday morning (when it was sunny).


A little below the center of the picture you can see a road in the brown dirt.  I took a picture from the same vantage point on Monday (when it was overcast) and then, to show just how big the elevation change is, used the digital camera to zoom in and show a Jeep which was driving on that road.



Then the camera went kaput.


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