St. George, Utah

This is a “teaser” post.  When I stopped to speak with the gentleman who lived in the little house with the big trees, he asked if I had seen the Mormon Temple down in St. George (about 30 miles south of Zion).  I had not been there and had time, so I made a quick trip down before heading back to Cedar City.

The pictures I took of the Temple were facing into the sun so they are not very good.  The photo below is a side view.  I am going to go back down there this morning to get photos with the sun behind me, and will post them later today or over the weekend.  I will spend much of the day here in Cedar City and need to review pictures and get caught up on some posting!  I may make some posts tonight as I will probably get up early tomorrow to drive to Nevada, taking scenic roads and stopping to take photos along the way.


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