3-week update

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Tuesday night marked 3 weeks on the road, although I have already been so many places and seen so many things that it feels like it has been longer than that.  As of Tuesday night I have traveled 3,947 miles, compared with 5,735 miles in the first 21 days of my “Texas Loop” last spring, and 10,654 miles in the first 21 days of my big “Northwest” trip last summer.

Even with the higher gas prices (I am now paying over $3 per gallon, and will probably get up over $4 when I’m in California) I am not driving quite as much and am spending more time enjoying specific locations.

Friday night will be my last night in Utah, and Saturday I will be taking some scenic roads west of Cedar City into Nevada, then drive south to pickup the dreaded interstate for a short time before driving some scenic roads near Las Vegas.  Saturday night will be the first of 4 nights in Pahrump, Nevada, very close to the California state line.  I will spend the next 3 days there touring Death Valley!

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