Death Valley – Dante’s Peak

Monday I drove back in to Death Valley National Park and went directly up to Dante’s Peak, an overlook located at 5,475 feet along the eastern range of mountains which line the valley.  I had taken some photos from this vantage point Sunday afternoon around 430 local time but that was looking into the setting sun and they didn’t turn out too well.  The photos I took Monday morning are much better.

When I left Pahrump this morning it was 80 degrees.  I think it took me about an hour to get to the road which would take me up the mountain.  At that point it was 96 degrees.  At the Peak, around 930am local time, it had dropped to 86 (due to the elevation change).  When I got back down it was already up to 110 degrees.  The highest number I saw on Monday was 116, but I left the Park around 230 in the afternoon so it probably got even warmer.  There was a High Heat Advisory for southern Nevada and Death Valley (ya think?…).

Here is part of the new observation platform, which will actually be officially dedicated tomorrow, June 6.  You can also see a hiking trail for those who want to get even higher.


This is a three shot panorama, looking left to right (south to north):




Here is a little bit closer look at the large, white area of salt:


From the south end of the platform I could look at a small area to the south, heading towards Badwater Basin:



This is the view looking directly across the valley to the west.  In the center of the photo is Telescope Peak, the highest point on the western range at 11,049 feet elevation.


And this is looking west towards the road which will take me back down from Dante’s Peak:




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