Red Rock Canyon – Closeups

Not only did I want to go back to Red Rock Canyon to have the sun at my back, but I also wanted to zoom in on some of the patterns on the main formation.  With full sunlight the images will be better than they would have been with the light cloud cover which was present when I was here last Saturday.

Before I get to the closeups of the formation, I saw this in the Visitor Center when I was there this morning.  I hadn’t noticed this on Saturday.  According to the man at the front desk, this mountain lion was roaming the area 30 years ago when it died (there are conflicting reports as to how, but most likely it was shot).  Through the process of taxidermy it has been preserved and sits high atop a wall over the Information Desk inside the Visitor Center.



Now, the reason I came back for more photos.  This formation had the most interesting colorations, lines and textures:







And this was the top of another portion of the same formation, which also shows another mountain in the background:




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