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As I wrapped up my 4 nights in Pahrump, Nevada – which I used as a base for my visits to Death Valley National Park, right across the state line in California, I decided it was worth a post to tell you about my accommodations there.  I have stayed in lots of Airbnb’s in the past 4 years and this stay was one of my favorites.  My hostess, KC, was an extremely nice person and she has a beautiful home which she opens up to others.  I met two other Airbnb guests while I was there and had interesting conversations with everyone.  Even KC’s chihuahua, Tater, got in the action and did her little “meerkat” impression by sitting up on her hind legs and “waving” with her front paws for attention.

KC’s home is warm and welcoming inside, and is beautifully landscaped outside – with several options for outdoor seating in the evenings when the temperature drops and it is pleasant to sit outside.  KC’s special touch are her homemade blueberry waffles, which she offers to all guests each morning.  Even though “bnb” is part of the name, Airbnb’s are technically not bed and breakfasts.  Most hosts offer coffee and tea, and perhaps fruit or a light snack, KC has waffles and mango/orange juice and now she has me totally spoiled!  And my total cost, after all fees and taxes, was only $43.21/night.

One of her guests was a gentleman from Idaho who was in town to attend a class at a high-end shooting range, which draws lots of people to Pahrump.  He was very tired from a day in the heat each evening when he got back to the house but we did get a chance to speak briefly each night and morning.  The other guest was a young lady from California who is in the process of moving to the area to open a coffee shop in nearby Amargosa.  She is originally from Tehran, Iran and performs traditional Middle Eastern Coffee Ground Fortune Readings, kind of like reading tea leaves.  She has already checked out the blog and entered my little contest, even before I posted the reminder yesterday while I was in the Park.

Airbnb is such a great way to meet interesting people and stay in some beautiful places.

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  1. *Waves* It was a pleasure to meet you! I love your blog and all the photos you post. Next time you are near the Amargosa Valley stop by and have a cup of Turkish Coffee!


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