Mojave Desert Preserve

Thursday afternoon I drove through a portion of the Mojave Desert Preserve, in southeast California.  While the Preserve isn’t nearly as big as Death Valley National Park (1.6 million acres versus 3.3 million acres) it is still sizeable, and I only had time to travel on one of the roads through it.  I actually felt more isolated and alone here than I did in Death Valley.  If the car broke down I had no idea how soon someone else might come along.

It is your basic desert landscape, with mountains in the distance and noticeably more plant life than there was in Death Valley.  There was one area which had large sand dunes.

The “oasis in the desert” here is the Kelso Depot, near the center of the Preserve.  An old train station, built in 1924, is is now the Visitor Center and museum.





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