Stovepipe Wells Village

I stopped at Stovepipe Wells Village, which is a spot where the Rangers back at the Visitor Center told me I would probably have a cell phone signal (I posted the rattlesnake sign photo from there in real time yesterday morning).  It is a neat little village at the western edge of Death Valley proper.





And this is no mirage.  Yes, there is a swimming pool in Death Valley.  It is for the exclusive use of the guests of the cabins in Stovepipe Wells Village.  It was 1045am local time and there was only one person at the pool (sitting in the shade, at the extreme left of the photo).  He is a young chap from the UK and he and his buddy are spending 5 weeks visiting the United States.  They had already been up to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, where I will be very soon, and were staying in the Village.


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