Yucca Valley Airbnb

I spent 4 nights in Yucca Valley, California while visiting Joshua Tree National Park.  I stayed in a Dome house, up on a hill overlooking the town (which looked really cool at night).  My Airbnb hostess, Michelle, is one of my favorites in the four years I have used Airbnb.  She is probably less than half my age but we seemed to have so many similar interests and we had some great conversations.  Her laid back attitude and outlook on life is amazing.


And she just bought a motorcycle!


And while she hasn’t even owned it long enough to have license plates (that takes about 45 days in California) she left at 430 Monday morning for a road trip east, through Arizona and New Mexico.

Melissa is a bus driver for MBTA, the Morongo Basin Transit Authority, the local public transportation provider.  She told me about their museum in Twentynine Palms (two towns east of Yucca Valley) and Sunday I stopped to take a look at the “Hastie Bus,” the first bus used by the MBTA.


(Photo credit: ConstantContact)

The Hastie Bus is a 1928 Chevrolet and has been restored after having been destroyed in a fire in 1960.  It is named for Johnnie Hastie, it’s driver – back in the day, not the guy driving it in the photo.

The bus now sits in a building behind a museum and the only pictures I could take of it were by putting my camera up against the windows.  I was so close I could only see small portions of the bus.




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