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I spoke with a friend of mine in Pennsylvania today who mentioned that sometimes he has trouble seeing the pictures I post.  I think it is a good time to review some pointers to enhance your blog experience.

First – do NOT open the blog using e-mails you receive indicating that I have posted something.  I often initiate a series of posts from my phone, then populate them with pictures and written text using my computer (and must upload each photo I plan to post).  Sometimes that process takes 2 to 3 hours.  If you open a post and it says “Photos  and/or  More” then that post is not complete.  The best way to open the blog and review posts is to bookmark it and open it via a web browser.  You will get to the Home page first, then scroll down to see posts – from the most recent, backwards through time.  Continue scrolling down until you see something you’ve already read.

Second – If you are tired of getting so many e-mails every time I post things, simply take your e-mail address off the list.  I appreciate having loyal, or even just periodic, followers but totally understand if you don’t want to delete a series of e-mails every day.  If it were me, I wouldn’t have my name on the list!  But rest assured that when I am traveling I try to post something every day.  Sometimes I have reasons for not posting (poor or unsecure internet access, my shoes are hurting my feet, I have hat-hair from being out in the sun taking pictures, etc, etc).  If nothing else, I will posting something (as I did earlier today) indicating that posts will be delayed.

Third – You may contact me via the “Contact” link at the top of the Home page with questions or private comments.  You may comment publicly on posts up to 14 days after I make the post (I am going to increase that timeframe).

UPDATE – I just changed it to 28 days.  That may be too late for my contest, but people may send me their guess via “Contact” on the Home Page and I will update the post with their information.  For contest info search “While you’re waiting” from the Home Page.

Fourth – You may go back and look at old posts at any time.  I started the blog a few days after July 5, 2017.  There is a calendar grid on the Home page where you may select a date and see the posts for that day.  You may also enter a word or phrase in the Search box on the Home page (i.e. Grand Canyon, or Meow Wolf) to see post(s) containing that word or phrase.

Fifth – I highly recommend you view the blog on a computer or tablet, not your phone.  The pictures will be much bigger and you will see more detail.  I believe you can save pictures I post to your computer.  I can right-click on a photo and save it.  I use Windows 7 on my laptop.  I don’t know the procedure for Apples.

I hope this is helpful.  If you can think of a question I haven’t addressed, please let me know.  And as always, please SHARE the blog with anyone you think might enjoy it.


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