This fog is as thick as pea soup…

As I drove north of Santa Barbara on Wednesday on my way up to Nipomo I saw a sign along the highway which mentioned that Buellton, California was the home of split pea soup.  I love pea soup (a memory of working at the company my father worked for during the summer when I was in high school and we went out for lunch at either of the two restaurants in that small town, where the lunch special was often a hamburger, a bowl of pea soup and an ice cold Coke.  To this day I often buy a can of Progresso pea soup, go to one of the better burger joints in Durham and get two hamburgers, and enjoy them with an ice cold Coke) so of course I had to stop at Andersen’s Restaurant in Buellton.  It was yummy!!  Probably the best pea soup I’ve ever had.  Nice and thick, not watery like canned soup often is.


Their logo (splitting pea’s… the guy on the right looking nervous….)




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