San Luis Obispo

Thursday morning I drove north of where I had been staying in Nipomo on “The 101”.  There are places where “The 101” and Route 1 (the Pacific Coast Highway) run together, but then the PCH branches off and runs much closer to the coast.  I stayed on “The 101” until I reached San Luis Obispo, stopped and took a few pictures, then headed northwest on the PCH, as it would run off on it’s own for quite a distance until I got to the Monterey Peninsula.

I stopped in the Visitor Center for SLO and my first question for the woman working there was how to pronounce the name.  According to her, locals prefer pronouncing the middle word “Lewis,” whereas the authentic Spanish pronunciation is “Louie”.  I think you can figure out how to say the first and third words….

From the Visitor Center downtown it was only a short walk to the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, built in 1772:





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