Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey

After reaching the point where I could not proceed further south I turned around and headed toward Monterey.  The coast remained overcast with the marine layer so the pictures don’t look all that great, but the scenery was still very impressive.


This next series of photos make me look stupid.  I know, I know – some of you are thinking, Well?….

When doing my research before embarking on this trip I had read about the Bixby Bridge, a very picturesque bridge along the PCH where a gazillion car commercials have been filmed.  As I approached this bridge I very carefully positioned myself at various points to take photos.  I just discovered to my shock and dismay that this is NOT the Bixby Bridge.  I did drive over it (the BB) later in the day (and I will admit I thought to myself – I wonder?…) but I believe this bridge was a lot more impressive, so let’s just pretend…




There you have it – full disclosure.

Now I know I have this next one right.  Further up the road I came to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.  While I’m sure the Park itself is very nice, most people (including me) never even go in through the entrance.  Outside the Park entrance, across the PCH, is this:


You may not notice it in the first picture, but allow me to zoom in some:


This waterfall cascades down on an uninhabited beach.


As I resumed driving north my next point of interest came in the form of a big rock sitting in the ocean.  This is the Point Sur Lightstation, which sits atop a 361 foot tall rock.




And further up the road, before I got to Carmel, I saw this:


When I reached Carmel I hit Friday night rush hour traffic, complicated by road construction.  I had intended to spend some time in Carmel before going to Monterey but decided against it.  If the marine deck had dissipated I may have even gone back before the sun went down but alas, that will be what brings me back here someday.

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