5 week update

For those of you who are interested, Tuesday night, June 12 marked 5 weeks on the road.  So far on this trip I had driven 7,394 miles, compared with 9,984 in the first 35 days of my “Texas loop” last year and 14,654 miles on my Northwest trip last year.

My average per/gallon cost of gas has risen to $ 3.00 this year (no surprise, in fact I would have guessed it would have been higher) compared to $ 2.01 on the Texas trip (gas down there was dirt cheap) and $ 2.28 on the Northwest trip last summer.  I have been lucky to find some comparatively lower priced gas by shopping around and studying online price maps while at my Airbnb stops.  I use GasBuddy (both the app and online with my computer) and often know where I will buy gas well before I get to an area.  Gas prices in California vary widely and you really need to stay on your toes so you don’t pay too much.

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