Pier Fire

This has nothing to do with the fire on the Santa Barbara pier which I posted information about several days ago.

Earlier in the week I drove through the Giant Sequoia National Monument – South Unit which is located southeast of Visalia and east of Porterville CA.  I had noticed that a large section of the hillside had burned, presumably in a wildfire.  Friday I stopped at the US Forest Service Ranger Station and got the whole story.

The Pier Fire (wildfires get names, based largely on where they occur.  There is a resort nearby called Pierpoint Springs which, fortunately, was spared fire damage).  The Pier Fire started August 29 of last year when four thugs plunged a stolen 2017 Dodge Challenger down an embankment and set it on fire.  It seems the young men (three of them age 21 and one only 19) had a stolen rental car scam going.  Well, fire doesn’t destroy fingerprints and the four young men were quickly arrested and are cooling their heels in jail, to give them time to think about what they did.  I seriously doubt they will ever pay any restitution for the estimated $ 36.5 MILLION dollar cost of extinguishing the fire, plus the property damage it caused (see post below).  The fire consumed over 36,500 acres and wasn’t fully contained until October 6, 2017.






And to add some color to this post, this lone poppy plant was growing at one of the little pullout areas next to the road:



And when I reached a high point on my drive I stopped to take another picture from about the same vantage point as I had posted a few days ago.  That day I took the photo around 6pm, looking towards the late afternoon sun.  This photo was taken at 1107am with the sun behind me.  A very different image!




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