You must be this tall to ride this ride

I saw this old flume in the Sierra Nevada mountain range southeast of Visalia, CA on Friday.  I was revisiting an area I had been to earlier in the week.  This flume was originally built in the early 1920’s and carried water down to the little town of Springville (and later to a hydroelectric power plant east of there).



Further up the mountainside I could see portions of a newer, 15-mile long flume which was built starting in 2011.  It provides water directly to the SoCalEdison Hydroelectric station east of Springville.  That flume is located within a completely enclosed pipe.



Unfortunately, portions of this flume were destroyed in the Pier Fire last year, with damages estimated at 11 million dollars (when they built it they had to use several helicopters to lift sections of the pipe up into the rugged terrain, including a SkyCrane which rents for $10,000 per hour).

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