Don’t get too close to the edge there JohnBoy

We don’t want AAA to have to perform another “extraction”.

Tuesday I took one of the scenic roads I had driven on Sunday north instead of south, and in the morning rather than in the afternoon, to get a different perspective.  At one point I saw a nice scene off to the left so I crossed the road to park on the shoulder and out of harm’s way so I wouldn’t have to walk across the highway.  For added safety I drove off the paved shoulder and onto the dirt (the paved areas are often “turnouts” where slow moving vehicles going uphill are required, by law, to pull into when more than 5 vehicles are behind them), then noticed the steep dropoff and the fact that there was no guardrail:



Here was the reward:


For those of you who may be new to the blog and don’t understand the “extraction” reference, search for “Delay of Game” on the Home page, or use the calendar there to go back to August 20, 2017 to read another amusing JohnBoy story.

Maybe my next contest should be to guess when the next time I need to be “extracted” will occur….  Also for you newcomers, don’t forget we currently have a contest going on with $20 to the winner and with a “double or nothing” option.  For details search “While you’re waiting” on the Home page, or use the calendar there to go back to May 29, 2018 to read the details.  You will have to use the “Contact” link on the Home page to send me your guess (see “Comments” on that post to see other people’s guesses).  When I reach the northern part of my coastal drive at the end of August I will start driving east along the Canadian border which opens up all kinds of snake, moose, mountain lion, grizzly bear and bobcat scenarios.


Further north on Highway 88 Tuesday morning I came to this spot which I had seen on Sunday:


In the foreground is Silver Lake whose surface is at 7,300 feet elevation.  Towering behind it is Deadwood Peak which tops out at a rugged 9,846 feet.

Here is a view from down by the lake:


And here is what it looked like on Sunday, in the afternoon when the sun was behind me:



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