The eagle had landed

And yes, I am using the proper tense – unlike the White House in their erroneous press release concerning Iran’s nuclear program.

Sunday while on a scenic drive on Route 4, north of Sonora I stopped at Alpine Lake, a very nice spot where many folks were enjoying the day near, in and on the water.



Shortly after taking those photos, and more which I will post later, a bald eagle swooped over the lake from left to right, probably only 20 feet above the surface and maybe 40 yards ahead of me.  Here is a photo of the eagle in flight:


Well damn.   That didn’t exactly work out.   Getting a bird in flight, zoomed in and focused is very difficult, especially when you weren’t expecting it.

Well, the eagle flew up and landed at the top of a dead tree:



He or she (it’s hard to tell adult eagles apart) sat up there looking out over the lake.  When some folks I had been talking to alerted me that if I walked up the path next to lake I could get a closer look I changed positions:


Then I walked even further up the path to see if I could get photos looking at it from the front.  Well, just as I found the perfect spot the eagle flew away.  I waited a while to see if it would come back and then walked back down to where I had seen it originally.  Well, sure enough, it came swooping by again and although it headed for the same tree it turned left and headed for another tall, dead tree.  I scooted up the path but again, when I got to the perfect spot it flew away.  I waited 45 minutes (in a shaded spot where I could see both trees) but had to move on as I still had lots of territory to cover.

Here is what could have been.  Just picture the eagle sitting on both of these spots facing the camera:



Depending on how much I get done in the next two days I may well go back up to Alpine Lake and try again.  It really was a perfect spot on the path to watch both trees and at 2 o’clock in the afternoon I was on the shade and the sun was in a perfect spot for pictures.

I have been keeping an eye on tall, dead trees as I drive around but haven’t seen any more eagles.


To see the bald eagle pictures I took last year near Yakima, Washington search “Eagle Redux” on the Home page or use the calendar there to go back to July 28, 2017.  For the eagle pictures from Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge search for that name on the Home page or use the calendar to go back to August 17, 2017.

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