Strip Cropping – Example

My friend and frequent blog commenter Shawn asked for more pictures of strip cropping (See “Havre, Montana” post from a few days ago).  I have been keeping my eyes peeled and finally spotted a field north of Bismarck, North Dakota which had been planted in the manner I described a few days ago.  The field went up and over a hill so I couldn’t see how far in the distance it went.  The fields I saw in western Montana last year were huge. I will continue to look for other examples.






Bison at National Park Visitor Center

Saturday morning I drove west from Bismarck to visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park in southwest North Dakota.  At one of the Visitor Centers just off the dreaded interstate this huge bison was munching on grass in the circle between the incoming traffic lane and the parking area.  He seemed oblivious to all the attention he was getting.





I have lots more pictures to post from the Park but will review them and post them Sunday morning.