As I drove along Route 2 yesterday I saw quite a few trees which are starting to change to their Fall colors.  You may have noticed some yellows and oranges in pictures I took in Montana and North Dakota but in Minnesota and now in Michigan I am seeing lots of bright reds, both light and dark shades, as well as some leaves where only the edges have changed and some trees where only a portion (side or top) have started to change.



I tried taking a few closeups with the digital camera but am not real happy with how they turned out.  I am getting ready to go out and drive around the area where I’m staying so I will keep my eyes peeled for better examples and may even backtrack to the road I came over on and stop in more places than I did yesterday.

Lake Superior

Thursday I drove east from Duluth, MN, through northernmost Wisconsin and into the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan.  There are many scenic roads in the UP and I didn’t get a chance to travel on all of them when I was here for the first time a few years ago so I took advantage of the beautiful day to make a detour from my primary west/east route and go north up to the town of Ontonagon, Michigan (pronounced pretty much like it’s spelled: on-toe-NOG-an) which is located on the southern shore of Lake Superior.




And depending on how big of a device you are looking at these photos on you may be able to tell from those pictures that the water was incredibly clear and the rocks near the shore were quite evident.