Ann Arbor, Michigan

These are two photos I downloaded from the internet.  The first is of something I saw as I was driving in to town Saturday afternoon.  It was just southeast of the intersection of Highways 23 and 14, east of Ann Arbor.  I looked at Google Maps to try and figure out what this thing (which to me looks like a candle and holder suspended high up in the air) is.

Guesses, anyone??

bigjohn1941 flickr verizontower

(Photo credit:  bigjohn1941)

I will tell you at the end of this post.  While looking at Google Maps for the answer I also learned something else.  That contraption is located on “Domino’s Farms” and the huge office building there is the headquarters of Domino’s Pizza (as well as serving as an office building for many other tenants):

DominoFarms picssr dot com

(Photo credit:

This building was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

And the bizarre looking thing in the top photo is a Verizon cellphone tower.


Mackinac Bridge

Here is another photo I took while in upstate Minnesota back in 2015.  This was taken from the boat I rode on from the Upper Peninsula out to Mackinac Island (pronounce Mackinac as if the last letter is a w, not a c).  I will post photos from the island itself (where the only modes of transportation are walking, horses (riding on them or being pulled in horsedrawn carriages), bicycles, wheelchairs or golf carts (which are only allowed on the golf course itself or to be used by workers in town.  People can’t just go joy riding using them)) when I get back to Durham.

I learned on this boat ride that when you are on the west side of the north-south oriented bridge you are on Lake Michigan and when you are on the east side you are on Lake Huron.  This was taken while we were on the west side.


The Mighty Mississippi River

Here is another photo I took while in upstate Minnesota back in 2015.    The Mississippi River starts at Lake Itasca, which is a short ways southwest of Bemidji.  I don’t remember exactly where I was when I took this photo but I believe I was pretty close to that lake.  I passed very near there last week on my way to Duluth and that it what prompted me to go back and find this photo.


Aerial Lift Bridge – Duluth, MN

I found a folder on my old computer with some photos I took while in Minnesota back in 2015 (my first year traveling with Airbnb).  I will be posting more photos from previous trips once I get back to Durham but for now here is one I referred to the other day when I posted photos of this large bridge in Duluth, Minnesota.


The lower portion raises straight up (possibly as far up so the top of it goes partially in to the bottom of the top portion – got all that??) depending on how tall the ship wanting to pass underneath it is.