Duluth, Minnesota

Wednesday I just stayed in town, had my tires rotated and walked around the waterfront area.  One of the main attractions in Duluth is the huge Aerial Lift Bridge.  I have pictures of it from when I was here a few years ago and will try to find my offsite backups and post them tomorrow when I’m at my next stop.  Here are some pictures I took yesterday when they raised the bridge partway for a sailboat to go through:

The process had already started in the first photo.  Traffic was stopped and the bridge surface was raised straight up (you can see the bottom of it about the same level as the red traffic light).  In the second photo you can see the white sail of the sailboat against the green trees in the background as it went through.  Then the bridge was lowered so vehicular traffic could once again use the bridge.  If I remember correctly I have photos from my previous trip where the bridge was raised to the maximum height so a huge cargo ship could pass through.



Once the bridge was lowered I walked over to where I could see the water passage underneath it.  A short while later a small powerboat came through but it was small enough that the bridge didn’t need to be raised.  As you can see, there wasn’t much clearance, and using the sidewalk I was on when I took the photos I could walk underneath the bridge and reach up and touch parts of it.



Thursday is a travel day.  I will be leaving shortly to head east across the northernmost part of Wisconsin (where it borders Lake Superior), then cross into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I am staying two nights in the southwest part of the UP (the same Airbnb I stayed in a few years ago) and on Saturday will travel down to the mitten of Michigan and stay in Ann Arbor for three nights.  Then it will be off to southern Ohio (where the remnants of Hurricane Florence will probably be dumping rain) and will start visiting family and friends in the northeast US before heading home to North Carolina.