Travel day & contest winner

No photo.

Tuesday was a travel day as I drove from Ann Arbor, Michigan south to Cincinnati, Ohio.  I am in Cincinnati to visit my nephew, whose college graduation I attended at the beginning of this trip back in May.  After I leave here I will be visiting other family and friends throughout the northeastern US before heading home to Durham.

I did go to the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Michigan yesterday and will be reviewing the 264 pictures I took there before deciding which of them to post.  Those photos will probably be the last posts until after I get home in mid-October.  Last year I said that I would post pictures from previous trips over the winter but I never did.  I promise I will do that this year, though.  There won’t be nearly as many pictures because I didn’t have the digital camera and only have photos using the smartphone.  There will still be enough to give people a general idea of the places I visited.

And it looks like we have a repeat contest winner – Kendra once again correctly guessed that I would not get bitten by anything bigger than a quarter during my trip!

Old school


(Photo credit:

No, that isn’t a photo taken at the Henry Ford museum yesterday.  You are looking at a modern day Michigan State Police vehicle.  That is a photo I downloaded from the internet.   I didn’t get close enough to see a stationary one in person (fortunately!).

I thought I had remembered seeing a police car with a lone red “bubble gum machine” on top while on a previous trip but I couldn’t remember where it was.  They have modernized it a bit, I suppose, as it isn’t a light source that revolves like they used to, but is a bright strobe light.