Post Number 1,000!!

June 14, 2019

I made my first travel-related post to this blog on July 7, 2017.  Now, almost two years later, I find myself making my 1,000th post.  These posts mainly pertain to three major trips I made in the continental United States:

The first trip I posted information about in real-time was my Northwest US trip.  Those posts occurred between July 7 and October 20 of 2017.

The following year I traveled mainly to California, but that trip included other stops as well.  Those posts occurred between May 23 and September 19 of 2018 (with a few additional posts in late October and early November).

I recently wrapped up posts from my “Texas Loop” in early 2017.  Those posts occurred between May 25 and June 9 of 2019.

During the Northwest US trip I traveled 33,936 miles and had 106 paid overnight stays (not counting stays with family and friends).

The California trip covered 25,360 miles and involved 135 nights on the road.

The Texas Loop covered 12,249 miles and involved 40 nights on the road

Two weeks from the date I am making this post I leave for a 7-week trip to Maine and eastern Canada.  Most of that time will be spent in the Maritime provinces:


(Photo credit: Magellan Geographix)

Although I leave Durham June 28 I won’t arrive in Maine until July 8 so my first full day there will be July 9 with posts to begin that night or soon thereafter.  I have 50 nights booked and project I will put about 8,000 miles on my car.