Coastal Maine – Updated!

July 8, 2019

POST UPDATED with new photos and commentary (finally!)

Bangor KingsleighInn

(Photo credit: + Copyright MapQuest Inc)

I arrived in Maine on Monday and when I reached Augusta I headed east towards the coast to drive some scenic roads before going to my Airbnb near Bangor.  These were taken near Camden, Maine.


I see Lobster Pounds everywhere along the coast.  These are restaurants where you may buy and eat fresh seafood on-site or take it home with you.

This is part of downtown Camden:







And further north from Camden is Belfast, another nice little coastal town & harbor:



I drove further north and east, then dropped down on some small roads to the town of Castine where I found a small lighthouse.  It was rather ordinary and I already know I have some better ones coming up soon so I’ll spare you the photo.

I finally headed north to where I would be staying for 4 nights south and west of Bangor in a nice log home in the woods near Hampden.  When I arrived there I met a fellow Airbnb traveler from the UK who is wrapping up a 6-week driving tour of Massachusetts, Maine and Canada.  Here is Tony’s motorcycle:


I’m not quite sure I’m ready to be that adventurous…