Just one more day… (I hope!)

I am at my second Airbnb of 2021 in little Elm Creek, Nebraska (having arrived here with a police escort, thank you very much!). Word has apparently gotten out about my return to travel and blogging and I appreciate the support.

I was hoping to make a few quick posts about some of the amusing things which have happened already in just my first two days on the road but discovered that I must get yet another cable to connect my new iPhone 11 to my Windows computer in order to download photos. Of course the iPhone charging cable doesn’t connect to the wall brick with a standard USB cable. No…. Apple reaches into my wallet yet again as accessories are sold separately. Hopefully I can get one at Walmart today on my way to my final destination in Lander, Wyoming. I have orientation this afternoon with the person for whom I am housesitting for the next month but can then resume regaling America with amusing JohnBoy stories and photos.

Stay tuned….

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