Hurry up and wait

I had a little flurry of posting activity but my time in Lander is winding down and I need to clean up the house, pack and fulfill my obligations here before leaving Friday morning. I will have some multiple nights in Airbnbs starting next week so hopefully I will have time to get more posts up. I have family here in Lander and we have precious few evenings to have dinner together so I want to make the most of it. I have lots of photos to post so please be patient as I get caught up.

Here are a few photos I took yesterday on the way to Yellowstone, in Yellowstone and on the way home. I will repeat them later as I get caught up to that point in time.

The Grand Tetons as seen on my way up to Yellowstone:

The grand Tetons (some of them) as seen from Oxbow Bend:

The Grand Tetons “in profile” as seen from further up the road, before entering Yellowstone:

Yellowstone Lake from the “West Thumb” area (panorama):

The “smoke” is gases released from boiling springs next to the lake.

A young bull moose I saw in Yellowstone:

And some things I saw on the way back to Lander, south of Dubois WY:

And finally, some herons feeding their (my, aren’t they getting big) young in nests high in trees above a business called “Lander Llamas,” taken last weekend. My sister in law, Jen, knew about the nests and I thought they were osprey nests until I took the photos with my zoom lens:

Hopefully these will tide you over for a few days!