Interstate Overlook

Who says an interstate highway can’t be scenic.

I set an alarm to get up before sunrise and get on the road as soon as it was light enough to see critters by the road.  It would be a 3 hour drive east to get to Arches National Park, my goal for the day.  2 1/2 hours of that is on Interstate 70, which I can see from where I am staying in Joseph, UT.  I thought taking the interstate would be a quick, efficient way to get to Arches.  I was wrong.

This is Utah.  Everywhere you go there are beautiful things to see.  Same is true with I-70.  Not long after getting on the road there was a sign saying “No Services for the next 105 miles”.  That usually means you’re fixin’ to be on a boring road where the exits don’t even have gas stations, fast food or motels.  The lack of services part was on target, but the drive was anything but boring.

This was the first of several Scenic View pullouts (similar to Rest Areas but without vending machines or buildings with bathrooms) I would encounter before getting to the exit for Arches in 2 1/2 hours.  I could have spent half the day just getting there.

These photos are “just” from the top of what I found when I stopped at the first Scenic View area.  The highway had gained altitude so I was up high overlooking a valley to the east and south.  I was standing on a huge, white-ish rock formation.









Here is the view looking back towards the direction I has come from.


Pretty cool, eh?

Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of what it looked like actually getting off the highway and into the parking area.  I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything quite like it.

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