Scenic Overlook off of Interstate 70

Yesterday I posted photos from the top of a huge rock formation overlooking the valley below.  This rock formation was at a Scenic View pullout off of Interstate 70, just east of Richfield, Utah.  I stopped there on my way to Arches National Park.

These photos are of what I saw as I was exiting the highway to get to the scenic overlook.  I was struck by the quantity, variety and shapes of all these rock formations.  Keep in mind, this isn’t a man-made art exhibit.  This is Nature’s art.

While some were quite large, none of them were taller than me.  Some may appear to be tall because I got down near the ground to take the picture from a low angle.










There were several more Scenic View stops along I-70, but I was anxious to get to Arches so this is the only one I spent much time at.  I will be traveling this way again on Sunday on my way to my next stop in Grand Junction, Colorado and I’ll have more time to check them out then.  I’ll also be going back in to Arches briefly on Sunday to check out one portion of the road which was closed the first day I was there.

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