Aspen trees starting their transition

When I left Cedar Breaks I continued on down Route 143 and spotted an area which included some Aspen trees which were starting to make the change to their autumn colors.  When I parked the car to take these photos I was at approximately 9,900 feet of elevation.







Further on down the road I saw some coniferous trees trying to get in on the action.


Well, not exactly the same thing I suppose.  I don’t think they realize they’re up against some stiff competition.  It’s not quite a level playing field.

One of the benefits of extending my trip by 3+ weeks is that I will see more Aspen (and other) trees at elevation once I get back up to northern Colorado which should be pretty far along with their color changes.  I woman I spoke with in Rico, Colorado sent me a spectacular photo she took last fall of a small mountain literally covered with golden yellow Aspens.  If I don’t find such a spot while I’m still out here I’ll text her to ask if I may publish the picture she sent me.