Various places today

You don’t know how disappointed I was when I discovered that I apparently didn’t take a picture that I would have bet money I did.

This is Weston and his Dad.


Dad was trying to teach Weston to jump down from the ledge in front of the water dispenser (while securely holding his hands, of course).  Weston was reluctant, and repeatedly tried stepping off instead of jumping.  I tried to put my two cents in and kind of act like I was jumping off a ledge.  Weston caught on and sure enough, jump he did.  I was sure I caught him in mid-air on my smartphone camera, but it isn’t there.  I am just sick about it.  Weston got all excited and wanted to do it again and again.  His parents were being very patient with me and I didn’t want to wear out my welcome.  If they are looking at the blog I am SO SORRY that I didn’t capture Weston’s moment of discovery.  It was priceless.


Later in the day a pickup truck pulled out a ways up the road in front of me.  When I caught up I saw that there were three guys in the back, all dressed up.  When it pulled into a picnic area further down the road I pulled in too.  I told the guys I thought they were a little overdressed for the weather.  As you can probably guess from the photo, they were participating is a wedding and the reception (and maybe even the ceremony itself) was being held there.



After completing the scenic rectangle today (you’ll read about it shortly)  I headed back home.  I got off I-15 at mile marker 95 and drove east to Route 89, a nice scenic road I had taken back to Joseph yesterday.  I wanted to stop at the boyhood home of Butch Cassidy, just south of Circleville, Utah.  As it turns out, it is closed for restoration.  Bummer.

I drove the rest of the way back to Joseph on Route 89.  I saw this formation just as I was getting in to town.


And this is the view from the back yard of where I’m staying, looking south.  This was taken shortly before sunset.