Various Grand Junction CO to Orem UT

After leaving the Colorado National Monument outside of Grand Junction I headed north and then west on some scenic roads to get to my next stop.  Here are some of the things I saw along the way.

Not long after I got north of I-70 it became apparent I would be spending some time in scenery which was different from the mountains I have grown accustomed to being in.



When I got up near the town of Rangely, CO things started looking a little more habitable.  These were some interesting rock formations near the road I was on.



Just before crossing in to Utah I came to the town of Dinosaur, Colorado.  It is just south of the Dinosaur National Monument, which spans east to west in both Utah (to the west) and Colorado (to the east).  Since I had spent so much time in the Colorado National Monument earlier in the day I didn’t have time to go to this one, or to the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area even further north.  Some pictures in the Visitor Center looked nice, though, so I will be coming back in May of next year on my way to California.



After crossing in to Utah I came across this scenic overlook.  There was already a car parked there and a gentleman was standing near the wall, admiring the view while his wife waited in the car.  It was becoming evident that wildfire smoke was going to be obscuring the view the further north I went.  I commented to the man that we had to take the bad with the good, but that there was way more good in this part of the country.


I would have to keep telling myself that throughout the day today after I learned a few hours after taking this photo that my Airbnb in Orem would not be available to me and I’d have to spend several hours making other arrangements.

When I got close to Provo I saw that a wildfire was burning between where I was and town.


This is the Tank Hollow fire.  When I looked to the left towards the sun (which would be setting in about an hour and a half) I noticed that the smoke made it appear as a large orange disk.  It looked even more dramatic, and a deeper orange, when viewed through the tinted glass at the top of the car windshield.


As I proceeded north on Route 6 I went around a turn and saw several wind turbines, slowly turning in the breeze.



I went back today and got some other photos.



They have lights nearby which apparently illuminate them at night.  Given their proximity to the road that would be a pretty cool sight, but I don’t like to drive at night on unfamiliar roads so I’ll just have to find some photos online.