JohnBoy the International Spy

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The name’s Boy……   John Boy……..


It occurred to me while driving around the area yesterday that I had heard several years ago the government was building a huge complex near Salt Lake City for a then-undisclosed purpose.   I did some research and discovered I was spending the night just a few miles from it!

I stayed in Eagle Mountain, Utah which is roughly halfway between Salt Lake City to the north and Provo to the south.  When I left the housing development I headed east towards Interstate 15.  At the first traffic light (Route 68) I turned left and within about two miles was standing near the entrance to the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center (say that 3 times fast), more commonly known by the much easier name “Utah Data Center”.  This facility is run by the NSA (National Security Agency).  It sits high on a hill next to Camp Williams (a Utah Air National Guard base) overlooking Interstate 15 and the Wasatch Mountains to the east.

There are no signs stating what it is.  The road leading up to the entrance (where a patrol car sat with it’s lights flashing) has a sign which simply states that only employees and authorized visitors should enter the grounds.

The Utah Data Center has lots and lots and lots and lots of Cray Supercomputers which store massive amounts of data (telephone calls, emails, internet searchs, etc), both foreign and domestic.  The NSA processes these various forms of communications to try and detect terrorist threats.  There are allegedly two other three other facilities like this in other parts of the country, although this is supposedly the largest.

This facility takes up over 1 million square feet and uses massive amounts of electricity and water (for cooling the equipment).  Construction started in 2011 and was completed in 2013, but there were problems with equipment malfunctions and it didn’t start formal operations until 2014.  Allegedly.  The government doesn’t like to talk about this place so what I am telling you has been reported in various news stories.

As I was parked down the road taking these photos with my zoom lens a guy rode by on a bicycle (perhaps on his way to work at the Center) and said to me “Not a good idea….”

Well guess what, buddy.  I pay taxes (well I did, not so much any more) and what I paid in income tax last year probably pays your salary (for a few hours anyway!).  If they didn’t want me to take pictures of it they should have built it in Cheyenne Mountain.





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