Grand Canyon NR – from Lodge (1/2)

These photos were taken looking south over the Canyon (North Rim) from the Grand Canyon Lodge using my smartphone camera.  A storm system had moved through as I was coming in the Park entrance from the north.  Upon arrival I first went to the Lodge, while it continued to rain off and on for about an hour.  I kept moving around, taking pictures from many of the same vantage points so you will probably see similar or seemingly identical pictures but they were taken at different times under improving conditions.

One of the advantages of the rain was that the many visitors which were also here stayed mainly indoors.  This gave me lots of flexibility to move around, keeping myself and my smartphone dry under an umbrella.  I’m sure it will be alot more crowded when I come back on a nicer day.

As you’ll see, even with the rain and heavy cloud deck the sights are still amazing.  The sun would come out later (although not while I was at the Lodge) so you’ll see a little more color and shadows as you go through today’s posts.











2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon NR – from Lodge (1/2)”

  1. This is one place I’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t crossed off the list yet. I’m sure as good as your pictures are, it’s difficult to compare to the reality of what you’re seeing in person.


    1. True, Sean, there is nothing like seeing it in person. Please do get out here, and plan to spend a good bit of time not only here, but every place you visit.


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