My Airbnb host in Kanab told me about this place which is about 35 miles east of town.  Saturday started out as a damp, dreary morning with a low cloud ceiling as there has been rain overnight.  As I drove east, however, visibility improved and I decided to make the one-mile trek back to see these curious formations.  They are sometimes called Hoodoos.

The “path” was mostly in a dry, sandy creek bed.  The overnight rain evidently hadn’t reached this far east so it was kind of like walking on the beach.  Occasionally the path went near some large rock over-hangings and there were some interesting layers of rock which had broken away underneath.




I found this rock in the path and it made me think of the Star Destroyer ship from the movie Star Wars.



I finally made it back to the eerie landscape where the toadstool formations are.  What follows are many photos from various angles of the main formation, as well as some standalone ones nearby.  The pictures in this post were all taken with the smartphone camera.  A post with other photos taken with the digital camera follows.

Toadstools are natural spires with a large rock sitting on top.  These aren’t things made as a prank by college kids.







There is another location with many toadstools (Hoodoos) in the town of Page, which I drove through later in the day after I crossed into Arizona.  That venue requires a considerable hike which I was not going to make.  I’m sure you can find photos online if you Google: Page Arizona Hoodoos.  They are even more spectacular that these.

I believe there may have been other toadstool formations at this location as well, but rain was moving back in so I made the one-mile trek back to my car.  I arrived there just in the nick of time, as a gentle rain started to fall which quickly became a hard rain as I drove away.  I hope the creek-bed didn’t fill up for the folks who were going in as I was coming out!




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